Greetings from the high desert of Arizona! I’m Lucy, and I want to thank you for visiting my store!

I'd like to share with you why I am so motivated to help provide wholesome personal care products and cosmetics to you and your family. I’ve had many years of experience in the beauty industry during my lifetime, but developed a strong passion for clean, natural beauty only in the last decade. You see, like many others, I had unknowingly used toxin-laden personal care products for many years. This accumulation of unhealthy ingredients in my body, I believe, was partially responsible for an autoimmune illness that I had developed. This life-changing event inspired me to start a personal journey to optimize my health, which included modifying my diet, and educating myself on the hidden dangers found in products that most of us consume on a daily basis.

After becoming more mindful of what I had been exposing myself to, I started making cleaner product choices and began seeing real health improvements in my life. During this time, I decided to start my own clean beauty business. I have since expanded by adding my online store, Earth Joy Beauty. Knowing that I would carry only the highest quality products with the most effective, non-toxic formulas, I started my search. I sought out well-established companies that operate with the same superior standards that I hold. All of the products found in my store, I have personally chosen and can attest to their quality and performance. Now, I am very proud to offer you my selections.

Wishing you optimal health - Lucy