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Eight Saints


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While hundreds of needles on your face sounds intense, we promise this roller delivers, pain-free. The avocado to our toast, we swear by microneedle rolling while applying products!

Our team developed a professional-grade tool that will micro-puncture the skin to promote collagen and elastin regrowth while increasing absorption of the skincare products in your routine. Our needles are 0.3 mm and were made to glide across skin improving fine lines and wrinkles, dullness, acne scars, and reducing pore appearance.

  • .3mm Microneedles
  • Fades scars and fine lines
  • Helps products penetrate deeply
  • Works well with our serums, oils and moisturizers


After cleansing, use mild pressure to roll across treatment area 5-10 times in horizontal and vertical directions. Apply Pep Rally or Seeking C Serum after rolling, top off with a moisturizer. Be sure to keep the roller clean using a disinfectant such as alcohol. May be used on chin, cheeks, forehead, between eyes, neck, crows feet, go lightly on pressure under eyes. Use 3 times a week.